About us

Belgavet Seiffert BVBA is a Belgian family business and was founded in 1987 by Christian Seiffert van der Merwede. Since 2004 his son, Christophe, manages the company. Since 2019 also Frederik Seiffert van der Merwede joined the company. Christian turned his passion as a pigeon fancier into his profession.
We are manufacturers of natural animal products and complementary feed. No side effects known. No prohibited substances and doping free products. Founded in 1987 by Christian Seiffert van der Merwede and situated in the centre of Antwerp, providing easy access to different ports all over the world.
Today: Our export business is increasing at a steady rate and is presently amounting to 70 % of our annual turnover. Our largest range of feed supplements are for pigeons. However, we also produce feed supplements for birds, cats, dogs and horses and even camels and falcons. We are currently exporting to 39 different countries all over the world. Our retailers are pet shops, grain shops, veterinary practices and pharmacies.
Our mission: Keep the focus on highest quality of raw materials coming from all over the world. We want to stay on top of the leader board, providing the best possible products on the market. Meanwhile, research continues in order to create new outstanding products. We think advice and service is important to take maximum result and benefit out of our products.
Our Challenge: Our own pigeon lofts are situated in Lint (Belgium), including a separated section to test new feed supplements for pigeons and improve already existing products, if necessary. Thanks to our Belgavet champions, who are also contributing in the improvement of our products, their pigeons are obtaining outstanding results on races, they are fancier, healthier and competing better than ever with Belgavet products.
This is how Belgavet continuously strives to produce feed supplements that are key to success.
BE 6095: our authorization number as a manufacturer according to the European legislation.